green building

what is green building

Green building consists of four major components: resource conservation, energy efficiency, healthy indoor environment and livable communities.

resources conservation

Resource conservation is about using what you have wisely and not wasting materials. The main strategy we use is designing smarter by using less materials. Resource conservation also includes reducing job site waste, re-using parts of existing buildings that would otherwise become landfill and re-using building materials that can be recycled into something else within the building (such as furniture, casework or trim). And last but not least, building smaller is one of the simplest ways to save resources. And all of these are easy to do in San Francisco, where we focus mainly on smaller remodels. Reworking the space you already have to better suit your current needs.

energy efficiency

Energy conservation is about more than just putting up photovoltaics on the roof. The first step is reducing the amount of energy used. And this can be done with simple modifications made to your home. Insulation, new dual pane windows and high efficiency lighting can make a huge difference. Our favorite part of our own remodel was not the shinny new counter top and appliances, but rather the comfort that insulation and our new windows bring on those damp and cold San Francisco days. Simply replacing an old refrigerator with an Energy Star model can make a noticeable difference on utility bills. Ensuring that adequate day lighting is provided to all interior spaces will also cut down on those electrical bills. And swapping out your incandescent lights for a fluorescent bulb will help even more.

healthy indoor environment

As we spend more and more time indoors and the building envelope becomes tighter, indoor air quality becomes a more important issue. Top indoor pollutants are formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds from paints, glues and other interior finishes. Strategies to clean up indoor air quality are fairly straight forward. Eliminate the pollutant in the first place by using more earth friendly alternatives, provide proper ventilation either via operable windows or mechanical ventilation systems, and lastly filter the air.

livable comminutes

Livable communities are pedestrian friendly. The less we use our cars, the more we save energy and resources. Living in San Francisco, we have access to public transportation and we are within walking distance of many services. This is one of the many reasons why we have chosen to live, work and do projects in San Francisco.

green discount

Committed to green building, SUJO design inc. offers a 5% to 20% discount off our standard billing rate for projects that are Green Point Rated.

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